What sort of Tour are you looking for?

At Sky High Sports, we are passionate about each and every tour we arrange. We only work in locations and with sports where we are absolutely confident of success. We have categorised our destinations and options to ensure that your destination of choice is appropriate for the type of tour you want.

  • Tour on a Budget

    Tour on a Budget

    Here's one for the students! We have some great options for sports tours on a shoestring budget. We also have some great money-saving tips while on tour, and are able to offer flexible payment terms to suit all groups.

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  • End of Season Lash

    End of Season Lash

    Our Party Time tours are self explanatory. Here you will find our destinations that are set for late nights, cheap drinks and lots of fun. The only responsibility you'll have is to make sure you get on the bus on game day!

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  • What better way to cap off a tour than to lift a trophy and take it home with you? We have a list of sports tournaments across the UK and Europe that offer a good amount of sport, great hospitality and a good competitave environment.

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  • Test Against the Best

    Test Against the Best

    Running out onto the field representing home in a foreign land against a mighty opponent is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck spring to attention. Testing yourself against quality opposition abroad is an un-rivalled sporting experience.

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  • Training Camp Tours

    Training Camp Tours

    If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail. The Training Camp is becoming an integral feature of any successful pre-season programme. For fitness, team morale, gameplay and confidence, they are a great way to have your team in tip top condition for the season.

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  • Once in a Lifetime Tours

    Once in a Lifetime Tours

    The newest addition to our repertoire is our exciting range of long-haul destinations carefully created for School Sport Teams. We have taken the best bits of what our competitors offer, added our own touches and come up with an excellent proposition.

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