XV Reasons why you SHOULD go on a Rugby Tour

XV Reasons Why


1. Getting away & Exploring a new place

Whatever the destination, a rugby tour is a fantastic opportunity to get away and discover somewhere new.



2. The People You meet 

On Tour you will meet some brilliant people who make your whole experience a memorable one. 




3. The Anticipation

The fundraising & Tour build up can often be very rewarding, exciting and fun.




 4. The Food 

Eating well is important on tour. Whether at the host rugby club or out and about, your plate will be full.





5. The Tour Stash

Getting a brand new Tour stash package to wear away is the thing of dreams. 




6. The Journey

However you travel to your tour destination.. Bus, Ferry or plane journeys with your Rugby team are always a great laugh. 




7. The feeling of representing your club away from home

 There is no better feeling than proudly wearing your club crest on tour. 




8. The Tour Traditions

The making of tour legend.




9. The Rugby

Playing an International Test Match away from home is an unmatched Rugby experience. 




10. The thrill of being out of your comfort zone 

Getting your players away for the weekend and out of their comfort zones is an brilliant way to develop character and build confidence. 




11. The Third Half

The Post match experience. Swapping gifts, sharing stories, making friends and celebrating our game is what it is all about. 




12. The Memories

You never forget your Rugby Tour.




13. The Stories

Endless stories from your time away that will fly around the clubhouse for decades to come. 




14. The End of Tour court session

Nothing beats a Tour fines session.




15. What goes on Tour, Stays on Tour

A license to have fun.