Senior Tours to Newcastle

The Geordie Shore. If there is a better night-out in GB, we're yet to experience it. More bars than you can get thrown out of in a lifetime, never mind a weekend. The Toon is the creme of adult tour locations. Oh, there are some canny clubs kicking-about for a game as well...


After arriving in Newcastle on the Friday night, we'll line you up with 100 Free Beers at The Union Rooms before lining up some Student-Guides to lead you on an epic Pub-Crawl of Newcastle.

You'll end the night with queue-jumpers at Bier Keller, an oompah-themed German Bar - Steins, Lederhosen, Fraulines, the lot. 

Saturday, you'll have the nuisance of a Tour Match at a Club in Newcastle. After some generous hospitality, you'll disembark the coach back in Toon for your second night.

Wrap up the tour with a Surf Activity, Paintball or, if you really fancy, a second tour match. 

Howay the Lads.

Lost Days in Newcastle

Day One

Travel by Coach to Newcastle

Arrive & Check-In before de-camping to The Union Rooms for your Complimentary 100 Free Beers

Guided Pub Crawl in Newcastle

Queue-Jump & Priority Entry at Bier Keller

Day Two

Wake Up to a Full English Buffet Breakfast

Morning at leisure contemplating life

Transfer to a Rugby Club in Newcastle ahead of your first game


Post Match Reception, Food & Hospitality

Kick-Off tonight with a few Real-Ales & Live Music at the outstanding Wylam Brewery

Day Three

Full English Breakfast

Recommended Walk on the Quayside to help get your head around last nights activity

Check-Out the Hostel

Transfer to your second Tour Hosts as you question why on earth you joined the tour


Post Match Food, Reception & Hospitality

Finish off the Tour with an afternoon of Paintball, Surfing or Go-Karting

Return Home. Broken, mentally and physically