Italy is our trump card. We have been sending tour groups here for longer than any other destination & our tours are fully endorsed by Italian Rugby Legend Marco Bortolami. It is the country where we like to show off, so get in touch and let us tell you what we have to offer!

"Fratelli d'Italia, l'Italia s' desta."

Italy is our true speciality. We have been planning awe-inspiring tours to the Country since 2006, when our director Richie Gledson found himself playing for AS Rugby Lecco in the north of the country. Since then, we have been fortunate to introduce our unique Italian Itineraries to some great people from around the Rugby World. 

Each of our tour locations has been developed from personal and subsequent professional experiences. Each tour is built with the input of the local Rugby People, and now that we have the services of Italian Rugby Legend Carlo Del Fava in our team, we are able to combine all of this with an X-Factor Rugby Experience. 


Destination: Italy