The best Rugby Hosts in Europe. Fact. Every year, even our own expectations are blown by the people in this incredible country. Fully endorsed and supported by Rugby's most famous Dutchman Tim Visser. 

"Lang zal ze leven, lang zal ze leven."

Wonderful hosts, beautiful cities & a growing tradition of strong club rugby, the Netherlands is our #1 European location heading into 2018. 

Our premier tour-base in the country is The Hague, or Den Haag. We could title it 'Amsterdam without the headaches,' but this does both cities a dis-service. The 'Dam is a great destination in itself, lending itself as much to Youth Tours as it does to senior trips. 

The Hague is a wonderful city & our abilities in the area have grown to top-level in recent years. More tourists here than anywhere else in 2017 can vouch for it. 

Elsewhere, Noordwijk is a peaceful location on the coast, great for younger tourists.

Tim Visser

All of our tours to the Netherlands are fully endorsed & supported by Rugby's most famous Dutchman Tim Visser.