Senior Tours to Cardiff

The compact nature of the city centre makes it ideal for you to explore Cardiff at ease, also, adult groups will appreciate the proximity of the cities vibrant nightlife.



After arriving in Newcastle on the Friday night, we'll line you up with 100 Free Beers at The Union Rooms before lining up some Student-Guides to lead you on an epic Pub-Crawl of Newcastle.

You'll end the night with queue-jumpers at Bier Keller, an oompah-themed German Bar - Steins, Lederhosen, Fraulines, the lot. 

Saturday, you'll have the nuisance of a Tour Match at a Club in Newcastle. After some generous hospitality, you'll disembark the coach back in Toon for your second night.

Wrap up the tour with a Surf Activity, Paintball or, if you really fancy, a second tour match. 

Howay the Lads.

Lost Days in Cardiff

Day One

Travel by Coach to Cardiff

Arrive & Check-In and dump the bags before letting loose in Cardiff

If you after some good cask ales - Head to Tiny Rebel, a great place to begin the tour!


Day Two

Wake Up to a Full Welsh Buffet Breakfast

Morning at leisure contemplating life

Transfer to a Rugby Club in Cardiff ahead of your first game


Post Match Reception, Food & Hospitality

Kick-Off tonight with a few Real-Ales & Grub at Zero Degrees

Day Three

Full Welsh Breakfast

Recommended Walk along the River to help get your head around last nights activity

Check-Out the Hostel

Transfer to your second Tour Hosts as you question why on earth you joined the tour


Post Match Food, Reception & Hospitality

Finish off the Tour with an afternoon of Paintball or White-Water Rafting

Return Home. Broken, mentally and physically