World Class Rugby Tours to Europe

Sky High Sports offer the most comprehensive Inbound Operation across Europe for Teams across the Rugby World wishing to visit us in the old continent. Our reputation is unsurpassed & our wonderful client feedback speaks for itself. 

Rugby Tours to Europe

If you're based in North America, South Africa or Australasia & you're planning a Rugby Tour to Europe, you have found the right place. Sky High Sports is a Rugby-Specialist Tour Operator offering innovative, high-quality & unsurpassed Rugby Experiences across Europe. 

We hosted our first 'Inbound-Tour' back in 2009 & that was almost by accident. Since then, we have proudly grown to become one of the leading names in European Rugby Tours.

Our Tours range from quality Rugby Experiences in the traditional 'home' nations, to exciting and un-trodden excursions to the far-flung corners of Rugby Playing Europe.

We're based in the UK, on the border between England & Scotland. The vast majority of the tours we run, are for teams departing these shores for Ireland, mainland Europe and to the warmer southern climes. 

In a nutshell, we get to road test every part of your tours on every tour we run. Our commitment to only working in destinations where we're sure of a success means that every Hotel you stay in, every host you play and every pro-Coach you meet, we've been there, many times before.

Our Team - Your Support

Looking for an enthusiastic itinerary-nut to take the pressure off leading your tour? What about a Driver who carries the water bottles pre-match and gets you there ahead of schedule? How about a Rugby-Nut who is as passionate about our game as you are? That's us, our team.

From Tour Reps, to Coach Drivers & local Guides, we've assembled a crack squad of gold-dust Tour-Hosts all fired-up to ensure you leave with smiles on your faces and a life of memories in the bank.

You'll be met off the plane on arrival & have a guide at hand from start-to-finish. You're planning the tour at your end, we want to make sure you enjoy it at this. 

The Rugby Experience

Above all, the Rugby Experience you are providing your team with is the key to the trip. Our travel arrangement & logistical skills are great, but our abilities to arrange memorable sporting experiences is second to none. 

Read below to see a little about what we can do.


Your Rugby Fixtures

You're travelling 1000's of miles and investing a huge amount of time and money into this trip. Who wants to turn up and get hammered? 

Whilst there is no exact science in getting it bang-on, we combine our Rugby Anorak knowledge (we can be boring sometimes), with a 25-point check-list, which we've developed over the past 10 years, to take as many variables out of the fixture-equation as possible.

From asking about items such as the number of representative players in your squad, to your win-loss record in your home area & tallying it with the increasing number of comparative clubs we've worked with, we're generally not too far off the mark. 

From getting you off the plane with an easy one, to lining up an end-of-tour Test-Match we can pitch your games to your liking.

We've also got a great army of wonderful host clubs who are gold-dust. Without them, no matter how many processes we put in place, we're just another agent. 

Practice makes Perfect

From our unique partnership with Bath Rugby in England to the relationship we have with our brand Ambassadors Tim Visser, Carlo Del Fava & Marco Bortolami, we have some special money-can't-buy experiences on offer for you on tour. 

Whether it be one-on-one coaching experiences, intensive training-schedules or a casual captains-run, training on tour is a vital part of developing the team whilst away. 

We know some of the finest facilities at your destination, which will give you every opportunity to hone your skills ahead of the tough tests to come. 


Whether it be Scotland Wing Tim Visser in London, Italian Legend Marco Bortolami in Venice, or Bath Hooker Ross Batty in the West-Country, we're able to put on some incredible experiences for your team.

Question & Answer Sessions, After-Dinner speaking, 1-on-1 Coaching or Breakfast with an International, there are some magnificent options available across our destinations.

Tickets & Tours

You've played some great games, trained on world-class facilities & met some legends, it is now time to see the big game in action & visit the iconic match venues.

If Stadium Tours of the Principality, Murrayfield, Twickenham & the AVIVA are brilliant inclusions to any tour, getting tickets to the Pro & International matches makes the tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Watching Pro-12, Premiership, European or Six Nations Games is an annual possibility. 

The Accommodation

In a continent as vast and glorious as Europe, why limit yourself to just one type of copy-and-paste accommodation? At least that's our belief, so we offer 3 ways to lay your head at the end of a long-days touring. 

Your tour may see you staying exclusively in Hotels, Hostels, Home Stays or a mix of all three during the visit. Because its all about location with our venues, we'll be picking #1 option to ensure you are best-placed to get the most our of your tour-base.


Read on to find our more.



Central locations, WiFi, en-suites and even gyms and pools at some – that’s our tasty hotel offering. Sleep soundly after a hard day’s exploring in same sex twin-share rooms that put comfort centre stage, or upgrade to your own room for a few extra $$ if privacy is more your thing.


Who says that budget means boring. Not us, the Hostels we use are excellent & busting with cool little touches that will make your stay fun, safe and on-budget. Our hostels are all about location - you'll fall-out into your locations highlights. Don't for one minute think you'll be bunking down with a load of strangers - you'll be sharing en-suite rooms of 4, 6 and occasionally 8 with your team-mates. Breakfast, Wifi, social rooms and even some entertainment will be on offer.

Home Stays

Synonymous with the Rugby Tour since the dawn of (touring) time, an overnighter with your hosts is an incredible way to live the local life & make some great mates along the way. We'll take care of everything. From Child Protection etiquette where appropriate to ensuring you stay with your opposite number - imagine having to talk scrummaging over breakfast with a Winger...! We'll co-ordinate from the start & kick things off with a big welcome party to break the ice. Welcome Home!  

The Flight Desk

So often the make-or-break of any ambitious trip, the flights are a tricky demon. We have partnered with World-Class agencies on either side of the Atlantic Ocean who can access the best routes and rates available. Each agency is well-versed in group travel & specifically team travel, so they can handle all requests thrown at them. 

We don't insist on including our flights on our tours. If you can find a better option locally, then that is a great result for us all. 

What is more, we offer a free-guide to booking flights. Even if we say so ourselves, it is a brilliant breakdown of the highs and lows off booking your team onto a plane, no matter where you're starting from.

If you would like to find out more about our Inbound Rugby Tour Operation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.