Barcelona Youth Rugby Tours

Time and time again Barcelona has proved to be an outstanding destination for ambitious youth rugby teams looking to test themselves against the best of Spains thriving rugby scene. 


Youth Rugby Tours To Barcelona

Barcelona rivals any destination for a youth rugby tour.

Nowhere else in Europe can you enjoy the sights, the beach, the sport, the food, the weather & great flight options from the UK. Throw in a thriving Rugby community & it is up there with Parma and Cardiff in our Top 5 in 2021.

A technicality prevented Spain playing the opening match of RWC2019 against Japan. For those who follow European Rugby closely, the rise of the Spanish side has been mesmeric. Famously beating Samoa to compete in the Sevens at the Brazil Olympics, the success of the national side has much to do with the depth of the game at grass-roots in cities like Barcelona.

In recent seasons, we’ve sent some strong youth teams to the region, many of whom come home surprised and impressed. Whether it be a session at the awesome BUC Rugby or a fixture at Sant Cugat, one of the regions leading clubs, the rugby experience is strong. Away from this, you’ll have time on the beach, see the city on a bike & kayak the Costa Brava.