Tour Stash

The Booking Form is in & the tickets are on their way. Now for the best bit - getting stashed up!

Tour Stash

Departure day aside, we all know what the best day is in the run up to any tour. That is Stash Day. It trumps Christmas & the opening day of the Season. 

Ever since we sent our first set of tourists away with a set of Hoodies, Sky High Sports have been arranging kit and apparel for touring teams across the World. In that time, we've learnt a lot. Not every team wants the same thing. 

As a result, we've two contrasting options for you, which should give you the ammo to get your team stashed up in a way that will suit both image conscious players & the club treasurer.

Whether it be budget, bespoke kit from RGR, or access to great brands like Canterbury, Samurai or Nike via our retail partners at Sportsworld Rugby, we have it covered.

The Sky High Sports Duo of quality Rugby Tour Stash

Off the Shelf Stock Gear

Short on time or low on budget? We've teamed up with the leading Teamwear provider in Europe to provide your team with affordable kit, from a choice of brands, all available on a short delivery time.

Choose from Canterbury, BLK, Samurai, Nike, Zoo Sport and many more. 


Click here to visit their website.

Low-Cost Bespoke Kit

New onto the ever changing Rugby Kit scene in 2016 was RGR Sport. The brand can provide you with sublimated playing kit and off field apparel in an unlimited number of designs. Sublimated means that everything is stitched into the garment.

No more will you need to pay more to add your generous sponsors logo, your players name, initials and number.

A range of off-field gear, from Gym-Monkey Vests to some swanky looking Chino's, is available through RGR.


Click here to visit their website.